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About our Authors

At FutureSkillsAcademy, we pride ourselves on working with a diverse and talented group of authors who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise. Our authors come from a variety of backgrounds, industries, and disciplines, each bringing a unique perspective to the table. This page is dedicated to celebrating and showcasing their accomplishments, as well as providing a glimpse into the minds behind the thought-provoking content you'll find on our platform.

From industry leaders and visionaries to renowned academics and emerging talents, get to know the individuals who are shaping the future through their insights, experiences, and dedication to lifelong learning.

Jen Long

Jen Long is a passionate business author and entrepreneur, dedicated to empowering female leaders and fostering empathetic leadership. With a unique background in finance, bio-medicine, and successful entrepreneurship, Jen brings a wealth of experience and insight to her writing. A champion of equity, inclusion, and work/life balance, she inspires readers to embrace compassionate, resilient, and purpose-driven approaches to personal and professional growth. Through her engaging works, Jen shares invaluable wisdom and guidance for those seeking to make a meaningful impact in the world.

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Jude is a global resourcing strategist who has worked in senior roles around the globe, with some of the largest organisations in the world.

She is the founder of Optimal Resourcing, a workforce management consultancy who specialise in designing and implementing alternative resourcing strategies and solutions. Jude has written a number of books focussed on the future of work and teams, as well as numerous published articles and videos. She is a lover of animals, people and coffee. Find her at 

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