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Happy birthday Josh

Thirty years ago today at precisely 7.20am, I became a mother for the first time. It is one of the most defining moments of my life – I was young and carefree, with no set plans for a career. But… being a stay at home mum was not for me.

I love my son, Josh, like a mad woman, it wasn’t a deliberate decision to have a career. It wasn’t an “either/or” moment. Circumstances of the time meant that I needed to keep earning to support our family.

That hasn’t changed – I still work to support myself and my family’s future, but what has changed is that money is not the compelling reason I work anymore, and hasn’t been the major reason for many years. It is an added bonus for mine and my family’s future, but working is now a choice –

I simply love what I do.

I love interacting with the people I have met and continue to meet every day. I love gaining knowledge of a business and the people within every business. As a very unapologetic amateur psychologist, I am fascinated with how people behave and the impact of behaviour on productivity and business outcomes.

People are at the heart of what I do, why I have had the career I have had and why I am in business.

At the heart of me, is my family. and my own little family unit started thirty years ago today. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Happy birthday Joshingwa! Love always, Munna xx


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