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Offshoring or Not-Sure-ing

Jude Mahony

21 Mar 2023

A Practical Handbook, Transitioning Work Across Teams and Countries

Has your company's experience with off-shoring been so bad that it turned you off?

Jude Mahony's has, and in Offshoring or Not-Sure-ing, Jude uses her experiences with offshoring, outsourcing, and centralising to ensure that you stay out of trouble when transitioning work from one team to another.

Offshoring or Not-Sure-ing is a how-to guide that presents tools for planning, managing, and implementing shared services, and strategies for reducing risk when launching new service delivery models.

Gain the practical knowledge you need to:

  • understand why your business needs structural change

  • identify the work involved in centralising your business

  • give you the confidence to make the changes yourself

  • recognise savings and reduce frustration using real-life examples.

Presented in striking colour, Offshoring or Not-Sure-ing is a must-have book for business leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants, and service-delivery professionals.

*contains profanity

(Originally published as "Offshoring or Shitshoring")



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