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Managing People - Fundamental Training for Leaders - New, Emerging & Existing



  • Are you a technical expert who has been promoted and is feeling out of your depth managing people?

  • Are you worried about managing people who used to be your peers?

  • Are you a new, or aspiring team leader who wants some basic skills to help you lead a team?

  • Do you know how to give constructive personal feedback to your team members without worrying about being labelled a bully?

Our people management training is here to take the fear out of managing people and performance.

As a technical expert, your success depends on your own actions and behaviours. As a new manager, your success depends on your teams actions and collective behaviours.

Over 85% of new managers have had no training to enable them to lead a team of individuals.

Our new People Management Fundamentals training will fix that gap.

Simple, practical support for new, aspiring and emerging leaders.

  • Three modules, with between one and five sections each,

  • Nine downloadble PDF's and a quiz at the end,

This training should take approximately two hours and is available to start immediately - no special equipment required.

*Organisational licensing is available to upload as a SCORM compliant file to your own internal Learning Management System (LMS) - POA.

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